Back-to-School Makeup Tips From The Beauty Bar

Makeup Advice by The Beauty Bar

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Class is back in session, and you want to look stylish as you walk the halls.

Here are some makeup tips for school:

  • For a dramatic back-to-school look, create a smoky eye. Simply brush black and gray eyeshadow on your lids, rim your eyes in thick kohl, and smudge.
  • To make your eyes stand out, apply ink-black eyeliner to the tops of your eyelids, but don’t use too much. Only use mascara on your upper lashes to make them appear longer.
  • Highlight your eyes with eyeliner in a vibrant color, such as blue or purple. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to draw attention to your eyes. Contrast the bright look with a simple, understated outfit.
  • If you are wearing heavy eye makeup, complement that with a nude lip color. Before you apply your lipstick, buff your lips with a brush and then apply a thick layer of lip balm. Then softly shape your brows.
  • To draw attention, opt for a candy-colored pink lipstick. It will make a subtle statement while brightening your face. Wear sunscreen with a bit of bronzer and minimal makeup.
  • Summer is over, but you can still create a beach-inspired look at school with coral-shaded lipstick. The color will put a stylish twist on your fall wardrobe. Accent the look with a slight cat-eye.
  • To project confidence, paint your lips red. Pick a shade that accents your skin tone and keep the rest of your look understated to avoid drawing attention away from your lips.
  • Wear clear lip gloss over your lipstick, or wear it alone to highlight your natural color. You can also choose a shiny gloss or a paler, shimmery color for a more understated look.
  • If you are going for a youthful, natural back-to-school look, simply wash and moisturize your face and then apply a hint of blush. Complement this look with a simple, laid-back outfit.

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