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New Year’s Eve Hair and Makeup Style Advice by The Beauty Bar

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When the holiday season comes to an end it culminates with the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve party. This event is often the social engagement of the year and will be a measuring stick for any party that comes before or after. At The Beauty Bar we know how important it is to have a successful New Year’s Eve party and also to stay looking your best until well after midnight so we offer some helpful hair and makeup tips that will have you looking your absolute best.

Airbrush Makeup – Some women still choose traditional makeup for many special occasions, but when it comes to parties it makes sense to go with airbrush makeup. It’s going to be hot inside and New Year’s Eve parties tend to be packed which means you might be perspiring a bit. Nothing can ruin your look more than makeup that smears, smudges and runs. With airbrush makeup you get full coverage while using a 1/3 less product than traditional makeup. Having to constantly check your makeup in the bathroom or in the plates and glasses can lead to missed moments and this will make for a less that festive time.

Up Do’s – A special party deserves special hair and if you want to make an impact at a New Year’s Eve party, arrange to see your stylist prior to get a special cut that will have guests turning their heads. It’s always a good idea to see what others are doing with their hair and to bring clippings and pictures of styles and colors you like so your hairdresser has something to work with. Just saying, “Make me look fabulous” is a tall order and if you can be more specific it will be much easier for your stylist to make you look stunning when midnight strikes.

Spray Tanning – New Year’s Eve occurs during the dead of winter and unless you’ve spent your holidays in Hawaii or Southern California chances are you will be looking a little paler than usual. If this is a concern then consider a spray tanning appointment at your favorite salon that will save you from damaging tanning beds and give you a nice even color that will look great at parties. Be careful not to have the spray tanning overdone or you run the risk of looking bright orange when all you really want is a nice tint to keep from looking too pale.

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