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Weddings are special occasions that take months, and sometimes years, to plan so that everything goes right. While you can’t control every single detail, such as the weather, you can make sure that the bride and all the bridesmaids look their absolute best by having the professionals at The Beauty Bar provide bridal makeup services.

With years of experience performing makeup services for models, actresses and brides the Beauty Entourage will bring out the natural shine in every member of the bridal party.

In addition to traditional makeup The Beauty Bar is also very skilled in the technique of airbrush makeup and they use the high quality MAC PRO system that features the Iwata airbrush guns for even coverage, a natural look and longevity. Using only top brand name cosmetics including MAC and Sephora, The Beauty Bar is committed to seeing everyone in your bridal party shines bright with the best in makeup artistry.

Weddings aren’t everyday events. Brides-to-be have spent hours preparing for this momentous occasion and no doubt the day of the ceremony she will be on edge worrying about every little last detail. One thing she shouldn’t have to fret over is her makeup. Because of the stress of the occasion many brides succumb to perspiration that can cause makeup smearing and smudging.

With high quality airbrush makeup services you can help eliminate smearing while ensuring even coverage and longevity. Airbrush makeup also has a natural looking quality that will allow the bride’s and bridesmaid’s natural beauty shine through.

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