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Coloring & Corrective Color by The Beauty Bar

Hair coloring isn’t rocket science but it isn’t exactly easy either. Many women have made the mistake of trying a hair coloring kit from a box only to find the honey blonde color they expected is now a shocking platinum blonde instead. You may also accidentally leave chemicals in your hair too long which may cause sections of your hair to break off when brushing. Leave hair coloring up to the experts and schedule an appointment today with the trained professionals at The Beauty Bar. Whether you want a hair coloring service or desperately need to correct a bad coloring job done by an inexperienced stylist, trust in the Beauty Bar to give your hair the color you want in the shade and style that is right for you.

Beauty Squad Expertise

Women with purple colored hair

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to women’s hair coloring is failing to recognize that a woman’s hair is too damaged to color correctly and needs serious conditioning and rehydration before attempting a color or bleach job. Not every stylist will be experienced enough to recognize this situation and will go ahead with the coloring anyway which can cause unnecessary damage to your hair. And if you’re doing a coloring job at home by yourself with a store bought coloring kit don’t be surprised if the rich auburn color on the box turns out bright orange. Coloring is not difficult but there are many details that need to be considered and when opting for a coloring job the safest bet is to trust in a professional stylist.

At The Beauty Salon in Southington, CT we’ve seen our fair share of bad coloring jobs and have the experience and skill to perform corrective coloring services that will undo bad coloring and leave you with a hue that fits your style and complexion. Come in today for a consultation and find out how our expert staff can repair the damage that has been done. The Beauty Bar offers a wide variety of hair services including women’s haircuts, hair fusion extensions and coloring.

What We Do

  • Womens Haircuts
  • Coloring / Corrective Color
  • Dimensional Foiling
  • So.Cap Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Traditional Makeup
  • Special Occasion Hair (updos)
  • Spray Tanning (by appointment)
  • Bridal


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