How to Give Your Hair More Volume

How to Give Your Hair More Volume

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If your hair is limp and flat, you don’t have to just accept it or head to the salon. There are many simple, tried and true tricks that you can use at home to give your locks more volume.

  • Use a volume-boosting shampoo that is clear or translucent so it won’t weigh down your hair. Only use conditioner on the bottom half or third of your hair and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Shower at night and then pull your damp hair into a high, loose bun and use a soft elastic to secure it. As your hair dries, it will be lifted off your scalp. When you wake up, you will have soft waves and volume. You can also put a stretchy fabric headband across your forehead and wrap sections of damp hair around it while you sleep.
  • Spray your locks with a root-boosting product that is designed to add volume to fine hair. Apply it to your scalp all over your head. Use it on damp hair and then use mousse and/or blow-dry spray.
  • You can give yourself a blowout at home by flipping your hair upside down when you blow-dry it. When your head is upside down, your roots are automatically lifted off your scalp. Get your hair 90 percent dry and then smooth with a round brush.
  • Your scalp’s natural oils can weigh down your hair. You can prevent this by spraying dry shampoo throughout your hair as soon as you finish blow-drying it. That will stop oil and increase volume.
  • Most people part their hair where it falls naturally. This is also the place where it is most flat. If you continue to part it there, you are training your hair to stay flat. One easy way to create more volume is to part your hair on the other side of your head.
  • You can create soft volume by using a large paddle brush to back-brush your roots. Pin up the top layer of your hair and then back-brush the rest, one section at a time. Hold each section taut and away from your head and brush in three quick, downward strokes at the roots. Spray with hairspray and then let down the top layer.
  • Hot rollers can easily improve your hair’s volume. This is a convenient trick if your hair is already dry. Decide if you want waves toward your face or away from it. You can make your volume last longer by spraying each section with hairspray before you roll it and letting the rollers cool completely before you take them out.
  • Crimping your hair can give you more volume. Just crimp the roots in the under-layers for soft, natural-looking volume. The top layers of your hair will hide the crimping.
  • Lightening your hair gives it extra texture and body. If you don’t want a complete dye job, you can just add some highlights in the under-layers and a tone-on-tone color to boost volume.

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