Makeup Tips for Fall Weddings From The Beauty Bar

Beauty Advice for Fall Weddings

One mistake brides make is trying something radically different then what they normally use. Everyone wants their wedding to be special and memorable but if you stray too far out of your comfort zone you could be in for a rude awakening. If you are thinking of new shades and styles for your wedding makeup, be sure to test it out in advance so you make the necessary adjustments before you make your grand entrance.

Look for makeup colors that not only match your skin tone but also reflect the brilliant foliage of the autumn season. Connecticut turns into a scenic canopy of orange, yellow and red when the leaves change and if you are holding the ceremony outside you will want to choose makeup tones and colors that will show up best in pictures. Don’t reach for colors that are not compatible with your natural skin tone.

You should always use water proof mascara, and fall weddings are no exception. The simple reason is that weddings are emotional occasions and even if you feel strong and confident the morning of the wedding there’s no telling how you will react when the love of your life says “I do”. Be ready for tears of joy by using water proof mascara that will keep your eyes looking great.

The fall season is known for allergies and if you have any known allergic reactions you should prepare by keeping a bottle of eye drops handy. Not only will these drops keep your eyes from swelling and itching but it will get rid of the red color that can ruin photos.

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