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A woman is known to change her mind from time to time. This prerogative also applies to hair and makeup. If you’ve been living with the same hairstyle for over a year or so chances are you have been thinking about changing your look. There are many different, new and exciting hairstyles being created all the time and you may have spotted a few that you would like to try. Before you make an appointment for a haircut that will be a different look for you, consider some tips first.

Spend some time thinking about your hair. What is it you are not happy with? Is it the length, the color, the way it falls down your shoulders? In some cases women like the style they have, they just aren’t thrilled with the stylist. If you have been seeing the same stylist for awhile you made be in need of a change. We’re not suggesting dumping someone you have been loyal to, but it’s your hair and you should get the look you want.

Can you pull off a New Look?

Often we get inspired when we see something new. Women are constantly seeing images of movie stars and musical artists showing off creative and daring new looks. While it may look appropriate for Lady Gaga or Beyonce you need to remember that you are not them. Just because a look works on someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Be smart about trying to imitate a look that is being sported by a popular celebrity. Consult with your stylist first to get their opinion on a certain look and what it will do for your image.

Before you opt for a new haircut, consider if it is the color you really want to change. Sometimes women feel like switching things up but need to be careful that they don’t do something drastic they may regret. Once you cut off your long hair it won’t be coming back anytime soon. Ask yourself if a change of color might not be the solution. You may find you like how your hairstyle looks, but you feel like changing colors or adding tints.

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