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Sunless Tanning Solutions by The Beauty Bar

These days it’s hard to get a good tan. Dermatologists are constantly warning about the harmful effects of exposure to direct sunlight and tanning beds have had their fair share of criticisms too. Luckily there’s a solution to sprucing up pale skin. Spray tanning using Xen-Tan sunless tanning products gives you the natural looking tan you want when going on vacation, attending an important event or having pictures taken. Able to work on both fair skin and people who naturally tan, the spray tanning techniques used by the on-location beauticians from The Beauty Bar will give you a natural, even spray tan that can add a healthy vitality to your appearance.

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Because of the popularity of reality TV shows like Jersey Shore many people are skeptical about spray tanning for fear of having their skin turn bright orange and create an artificial look that appears unhealthy. Many spray tanning products are not specially formulated the way Xen-Tan is and therefore the results can be a copper glow that is both unnatural and out of place. We strive for a natural looking tan that will be just the right shade and tone for your skin complexion. We offer spray tanning as an on-location service for spray tanning parties for anywhere from four to twelve people.

Another benefit to using our spray tanning methods is that it provides a healthy alternative to the sun. It is estimated that 90% of wrinkling, sagging and rough skin is directly attributed to exposure to natural sunlight. Even if your have olive skin complexion the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are extremely damaging to you’re the health of your skin and if you want to avoid skin problems in the future get your tan from high quality spray tanning.

Information on Xen-Tan

Xen-Tan is one of the leading spray tans in hollywood. Known for its amazing olive-y undertone, floral scent, and non streak formula. I am a huge fan of not looking orange, especially because I naturally have such warm undertones in my skin because I’m so fair its easy for me to become orange from a spray tan. Well, once I let this amazing spray tan spray onto my skin I was hooked! You get this amazing BRAZILIAN bronze with no warmth what so ever!

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t like small enclosed spaces (hence why I don’t tan in a bed .. well that and I also don’t want to look like a leather coach bag when I’m 30) so we custom spray you in a private tent at the salon.

You and your artist will talk in depth about your desired level of tan as there are a few levels.

No, but we recommend not showering or sweating for at least 8 hours, then you can take your shower and go about your business.

Loose comfortable clothing, we will hand dry you after your application but just to ensure longevity we ask you dress in loose sweat pants and a loose top. I mean come on now we want this tan to last.

Up to 7 days – sometimes longer depending on your skin. 🙂

Have more questions? Call us at The Beauty Bar 860-621-1000 (Salon Calls Only Please) and ask away! A Beauty Squad artist will walk you through everything from point pale to point tan.

What We Do

  • Womens Haircuts
  • Coloring / Corrective Color
  • Dimensional Foiling
  • So.Cap Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Traditional Makeup
  • Special Occasion Hair (updos)
  • Spray Tanning (by appointment)
  • Bridal


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