Spring Makeup Tips: Lipstick, Eye Shadow & Blush

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Spring is a time for renewal and if you are like most women, you will want to use the change of season as a time for changing your looks. Now is a great time to shrug off the look you’ve been carrying around all winter and go for something a little more daring and risqué with your hair and makeup.

At The Beauty Bar, we want every woman to enjoy the spring season so we offer a few tips for shaking up your style.

Switch up Lip Color: Don’t feel trapped by red lipstick. Many women are under the impression that lips have to be red and anything else is goth or punk. We suggest trying a bright orange lip color that works on all skin tones and brings about just enough change to be different. Look for glossy shades that highlight the color and bring out the full shape of your lips.

Lose the Locks: With the air getting warmer and the sun shining brighter, now is a great time to shear off some heavy hair. Spring is for feeling fresh and free and with a medium cut you still have the full hair you love but without the extra length that can weigh you down. You may also want to try some color tints to highlight the new look and you may want to consider light hues that match the spring colors.

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Lively up your Eyes: To make your eyes seem bigger, brighter and more awake, try using a white shimmer to the inner corners of the eyelid. If your complexion is darker you may want to consider a gold shimmer. You should also choose pale tone eyeliner to match the spring flowers that will be blooming at all the social events you attend.

You don’t have to go over the top or completely out of your element to enact change, just a little change in color for your eyeliner and a different cut for your hair will be enough to liven up your looks.

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