Summer Hair: Tips for Damaged Hair from The Beauty Bar

Treat Your Sun Damaged Hair With These Tips

Let’s face it the number one threat to women’s hair in the summer is lack of moisture caused by excessive dryness. This dehydration of the hair leads to those frizzy fro’s, breakage and color fading that turns good hairstyles bad. Your fist concern needs to be keeping your hair moisturized. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed and formulated for moisturizing dry hair. Even if you don’t have dry hair problems the combination of sun, salt water and chlorine can drain your hair of its natural oils and lead to drying conditions.

When hair is damaged it doesn’t have the ability to repair itself. It’s up to us to treat hair so it can return to its natural color and texture. Using an intense hydrating mask once a week it a great way to care for hair that is weak, damaged or color-treated. Look for product that is rich in argan oil and protein so you can fortify and restructure hair that has been damaged by lack of moisture.

If you have blonde or red hair and get that “brassy” tinge during the summer visit a salon for a gloss or glaze treatment. Restoring the tone of your original color and adding a little shine will help reduce the copper color some hair turns when exposed to sunlight.

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