The Benefits of SO. CAP Hair Extensions

The Benefits of SO.CAP Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions used to be attached to hair by braiding or “tracking” or by using messy glues. This could result in tangles, hair that was difficult to keep clean, and possible longterm hair loss. Hair extensions have come a long way.

SO.CAP hair extensions can provide you with longer, thicker, healthier looking hair without the problems associated with other types of hair extensions. SO.CAP lets you choose the length, color, and texture you prefer to create a unique and natural look. SO.CAP uses natural human hair in 91 colors and three textures: straight, wavy, and curly. This can enable you to get a perfect match for your natural hair or to create a completely new look.

Unlike hair extensions that use messy adhesives, SO.CAP extensions are attached to the hair using 100 percent keratin pre-bonded tips. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in human hair. It creates strong, healthy, and long-lasting bonds and is also safe and easy to remove.

SO.CAP hair extensions are bonded to the scalp using a cold fusion procedure that utilizes ultrasound waves. The absence of heat allows the extensions to be bonded closer to the scalp and creates a more invisible bond. Cold fusion is the preferred method for bonding extensions to colored or chemically-treated hair. The bonding material crystallizes and can easily be dissolved with a solvent if you want to have your hair extensions removed.

Proper at-home care is essential to maintain the health and appearance of your hair extensions. Follow recommendations given by your stylist. Wash your hair gently, dry it thoroughly before going to bed, and comb it gently with a wide-tooth comb or pick from the ends to the scalp. Don’t color, perm, or use any other chemicals without first consulting a hair extension specialist in order to avoid damage. Immediately wash out chlorinated water and use conditioner when you wash your hair. Taking care of your SO.CAP hair extensions can help you have the look you want for a long time.

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