Tips for Managing Hair in Humidity From The Beauty Bar

Hair and Makeup Style Advice in Humid Weather

Anyone who has lived in Connecticut knows how hot and humid the summers can be. Starting around early July and lasting well into August, the air can be muggy, damp and humid. These conditions don’t just make life miserable for people outside, it can also do damage to women’s hair. If left untreated, women’s hair will curl, frizz and puff in the humid air and this can lead to some embarrassing hair looks.

At The Beauty Bar we know how harmful humidity can be so we offer the following tips to keep your hair looking great all summer long.

Moisturize: Women may use moisturizers throughout the year, but during the muggy summer months it is important to moisturize more often. Properly moisturizing your hair will help fight the effects of humidity. Try applying a deep conditioner twice a week halfway down the length of the hair to the ends. Do not use a blow dryer. Instead, towel dry and then add a product made to prevent frizz and boost shine.

Humidity-Friendly Styles: Some hair styles are more manageable in the humid air than others. Ponytails and braids are much easier to handle in muggy weather than free flowing hair. With ponytails and braids all you have to watch out for are the little hair line frizzies. However, you can tame frizz with a handy wax stick. If you feel your hair is becoming unruly, run some wax through your hair prior to braiding.

Cold Splash Technique: Some hair stylists recommend what is called the cold splash technique. When you have finished washing your hair with a moisture replenishing shampoo, give your locks a blast with a stream of cool water. This helps to close down your hair’s cuticles and will help seal up the pores so moisture from the air can’t get in and ruin your style.

Silicone Balm: Another product you may want to try is a silicone balm. This product will coat the strands of your hair and help to seal in natural moisture and prevent dampness from interfering. Be careful with your application, though, as too much balm will make hair heavy and lifeless.

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