Using a Beauty Maid at your CT Wedding

Benefits of The Beauty Bar Beauty Maid

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Weddings can be stressful and hectic days for a bride. From the moment you wake to the last dance and stepping into the limousine, your day is full of photo opportunities, appearances and special moments. The last thing you need on a day as important as this is makeup that smears of hair that tangles. It’s one thing to have bridesmaids, but if you really want feel pampered on your wedding day we suggest hiring a beauty maid to be by your side throughout the event.

At The Beauty Bar we know how important your wedding day is so we offer brides the chance to have their very own beauty maid shadow your every step to ensure your hair and makeup are perfect for every photo opportunity. Whether it’s walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, the first dance, tossing the bouquet or waving good-bye, it’s crucial that you look your absolute best so everyone remembers how stunning you were when you got married.

Our beauty maids are fully trained to provide expert hair and makeup services on the spot so you won’t have to worry about any little detail. And unlike bridesmaids that are part of the act, our beauty maids are taught to stay out of the way so you get the spotlight all to yourself.

With our beauty maids at your side you won’t have to worry about makeup smearing or hair being out of place. With a quick step and a deft touch with a brush, your beauty maid will correct any flaws in an instant and have you ready for every moment.

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